Digital Information

digital-marketing-2014Digital information is any piece of information that we can view digitally, it differs from reading a book or newspaper for many reasons, the most obvious being that when we read an article online, we aren’t just reading an article, there’s information within the information(Howell, 2012). You can see examples of this when you look up anything on Wikipedia, There are hundreds of hyperlinks, leading you to related pieces of information or defining words or phrases that the common person might not understand.


There is the possibility that the information that we are receiving online is not accurate, the process to finding accurate information is simple, you can choose to only search for information from government websites or education websites ending in ‘org’ or ‘edu’ or you can research the website that has posted the information(Howell, 2012). These as well as many other online skill are ones that we will constantly have to relay to our students on a daily basis.

untitledPinterest is a website that I only discovered through this weeks task, its full of short pieces of information displayed on infographs, I found the site to be engaging and useful for finding quick facts and ideas. The information being displayed in infographs, with the colours and pictures would make this website engaging and particularly beneficial to assisting the curriculum, For example, this website could be a more engaging way of teaching younger children to truncate and use key words. I have left a link below for everyone to see my site, on my Pinterest are ‘pins’ about technology in education.

In a later module, a task was to create a website marking rubric, I believe that this rubric relates to the points raised in this topic, like teaching students what websites have reliable information. As a teacher I will have to evaluate websites before I present them to a class of students, I will also be expected to evaluate many websites to find the best one to support my lesson. I have created a very simple rubric for websites so a teacher can cover all areas such as safety, reliability and whether its going to keep the student engaged.

Website evaluation rubric


  • Howell, J, 2012, Teaching with ICT: Digital Pedagogies for Collaboration and Creativity




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