Digital Blurring


When analysing my digital life and how much technology I use personally, I discover that I communicate a lot online, through email, Facebook and text messaging. I play games and when I need to research , my laptop is the first place I go. I believe any of the digital skills I have accumulated from my personal use of digital devices can be extrapolated and applied to teaching or learning(Howell, 2012). This is known as digital blurring, when the digital skills can be transferred from one area of your life to another.

Children learn skills from gaming like hand eye coordination and problem solving, they learn how to communicate and use colloquial language with social media sites like Facebook, they learn how to truncate and search for information with websites like YouTube and google(Howell, 2012). It could be said that all of these skills are needed to learn as well as to be an educator.


Programs and online games are consistently being created to aid teachers in ‘blurring’ student skills and applying them to the curriculum. Programs such as Mathletics, where students can compete against each other online solving math problems, for younger student there is simple adding and subtracting and for more advanced student there are things like algebra.

Sploder is another program teachers can use for digital blurring, this is another web based program that allows anyone to make an online game. Different goals can be picked as well as the style of game, colours, backgrounds and even music, it could be used as a teaching method as well as a project for students to undertake. I personally found this program fairly simple  to navigate but not as easy as other web programs like scratch. Because I wasn’t finding it isn’t as easy, I wasn’t as inspired for ideas on how to incorporate it into a lesson.

Here is a link to the Sploder that I made.


  • Howell, J, 2012, Teaching with ICT:



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