Reflection & Feedback


This is the first blog I have ever written, in my opinion it has helped me retain information, it’s helped me think critically about each module individually and analyse how it will help me become a teacher, what habits I have now in relation to technology, what I can improve on and finally what expectations students and parents with have.

In the beginning it was hard for me to write reflectively, I found myself writing minni essays without asking myself things like; “what have I learned?” and “how will that help me in the future?”. Now I think asking those questions for each topic in the future will keep helping retain information and help me understand the ways that I learn so I can keep improving.

From a teachers point of view I can see how  I could use blogs instead of exercise books in the future, I’ve found it to be a more in-depth process then putting pen to paper. I found many things that related to the modules that I could use to further illustrate my points, like YouTube clips and pictures. This blog kept me inspired and allowed me to use my creative abilities as well as academic which made this whole study period very engaging. I will use blogs in my teaching, hoping that my students will be as engaged as I was.


Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking REBEKKAH DENNINGTON #2Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking_Rebekkah_Dennington

I found the feedback part of this essay a very interesting and rewarding experience, to have opinions of people who work and learn differently to me, analyse my work and note where my strengths and weaknesses are and in turn, view their work and see how mine compares. At first I must admit I didn’t agree with a lot of the feedback but once I had a detailed look at my work and the corresponding comments I did not need anymore convincing.  I found that I was not writing reflectively, which may be one of the most important parts of the essay. I also discovered that I was using pictures that were aesthetically pleasing but not related to the text. There were many other areas in which I needed assistance, such as grammar, wording, my sentence structures and lastly my referencing, reflecting the APA style as much as possible. All of these issues were reflected in the comments and marking of my blog by both students and I remedied all aspects of my blog to the best of my abilities.


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